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Our company is specialized in providing IT services in following spheres

  • - Project analysis and estimate of development
  • - Researching work
  • - Architecture development
  • - Feasibility evaluation
  • - Pilot projects
  • - Software development - from scratch
  • - Application maintenance
  • - The product localization
  • - Upgrade and modernization of existing software
  • - Porting of existing software on another platforms
  • - Rengineering and reverse engineering
  • - Testing software in process of development


SolSoftLogic provides expert design, development and integration services for companies seeking to create new business applications or enhance existing ones. SolSoftLogic offers custom development services for new applications and significant functional enhancements to existing applications across a variety of platforms. Our development team have extensive experience using today's leading technologies to deliver applications of wide range types.


SolSoftLogic has fundamental knowledge in methodology and practical experience in analysis, design, development and testing of the software. SolSoftLogic has deep knowledge in many programming languages, platforms and technologies.

General course of company - developing in following direction