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Why Team "Solution Software Logic"


Our company has following tactical and strategic goal. Tactical goal: to provide our client full set of services in software development of the best quality. Strategic goal: to make our every customer our patron. We are sure that satisfaction of customers need is a source of profits for stuff, stock owners and for the company in general.

Customers which are satisfied with our implemented work are a basis of our company, i.e. it allows to employ and to support the best workers as our stuff. If striving for exceeding expectations of clients, but not just satisfy his needs, thus it is possible to achieve the expected results. We provide the best level of service for our customers. Comparatively low cost of living in Ukraine, and as a result smaller salaries of Ukrainian IT specialists then in USA or Western Europe coupled with the excellent professional level, makes our region the most attractive for software development.

Why outsourcing in Ukraine


In the era of globalization and specialization outsourcing non-core activities to third parties became a universal tool, helping companies to concentrate on their basic, profit-generating activities, while letting professionals take care of secondary business processes. There are several strong characteristics of Ukraine that provide positive benefits for international organizations considering working with software development resources from Ukraine:


- Availability of resources;

- Availability of programming specialists;

- Labor Costs;

- Technical excellence;

- R&D focus;

- Strong fundamental education;

- Experience with complicated projects;

- European culture;

- Great potential;

- Location;

- Business travel;

- Availability of local professional organizations.


Although leading Ukrainian providers have existed more of 10 years, the industry is still young, which leads to both disadvantages and advantages. Because the outsourcing sector is small but very competitive with the rest of the Ukrainian IT –industry, not to mention industry outside of IT, in terms of payment, career opportunities, job challenges and social protection, it attracts the best of the best. This situation will last so long as free resources are available. Another positive impact is that Ukrainian companies are much more flexible when seeking to attract clients. They strive to overtake the leader and to prove themselves.

This industry is sure to continue growing quickly. Ukrainian companies and project managers are quickly gaining experience and many are currently preparing to attain world recognized quality and business process certifications. The window of opportunity to discover and enjoy the work of the best talent in Ukraine is still open but disappearing quickly.

Used from "White Paper on Offshore Software Development in Ukraine" by American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (June, 2002).