Developing app for Smartphones and Tablets PC - for Android OS, iOS, BlackBerryDeveloping app for AndroidDeveloping software Mac OSXDeveloping app for iOSDeveloping app for BlackBerry SmartPhoneDeveloping app for BlackBerry Tablet PCWEB developing ASP.NET


Main directions of software development


ASP.NET software


space frog Development WEB soft and desktop win32 applications. We use following technologies - Silverlight, Ajax, ASP.NET: C#, Java, Ajax, HTML5, PHP, Perl, JQuery, Bootstrap, JQuery Mobile, SQL-scripts for upgrade yours SQL-database. (detailed)


In development of desktop Win32 applications use of technologies - Win32 API, MFC/ATL, COM/DCOM, COM+, ActiveX, WDK, Windows Platform SDK, Numega Compuware Driver Studio (SoftICE), WinDebugger i386. (detailed)




Development of software for MacOSX and iOS

For development of application for MAC OSX and iOS - we've use following technologies: XCode, Cocoa, iOS SDK, AppleScript, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, MacsBug and Instrumentation SDK.(detailed)

Linux and Android


Development of software for Linux and cross-platform software from Windows to Linux/Android use technologies - QT, CigWin, gcc, etc. Development of App's for Smartphones and Tablet PC with Android OS. (detailed)

In development of App's for Android use following tools:

- Android Studio and IDE Eclipse;
- Android SDK, JDK, JRE, Android API packages NDK, Android plugin for Eclipse, Android AdMob SDK;
- Java J2EE, JavaPhoneTM Specification and Standard J2ME API.

Why Team "Solution Software Logic"

Our company has following tactical and strategic goal. Tactical goal: to provide our client full set of services in software development of the best quality. Strategic goal: to make our every customer our patron. We are sure that satisfaction of customers need is a source of profits for stuff, stock owners and for the company in general.

Customers which are satisfied with our implemented work are a basis of our company, i.e. it allows to employ and to support the best workers as our stuff. If striving for exceeding expectations of clients, but not just satisfy his needs, thus it is possible to achieve the expected results. We provide the best level of service for our customers. Comparatively low cost of living in Ukraine, and as a result smaller salaries of Ukrainian IT specialists then in USA or Western Europe coupled with the excellent professional level, makes our region the most attractive for software development.